Eduardo Gómez.UI/UX Designer.Frontend Engineer.

I love to devise, design and implement innovative solutions that enhance people's experience when using digital products.

Featured work


Galerie is a modern and versatile Ghost theme that stands out for its sleek design, it's incredibly fast, it offers a great user experience and it has many options to customise it.


Mabel is the only inbox you'll ever need for design and frontend news, curated by real people. Learn from the very best and stay up to date in an easy and delightful way. Available for iOS and Android.


Firma is a Ghost theme that can be used by startups to large companies to publish any kind of content related to their business. It stands out for its clean design and is able to adapt to any company's identity.

Sketch Dark Mode

Sketch Dark Mode is a Sketch plugin to generate a dark mode version of any design, the right way. Boost your design workflow and create a beautiful dark mode version of your designs in no time! It’s that easy.

Weiss Pro

Weiss Pro is a modern and beautiful Ghost theme that stands out for its elegance. It comes with a lot of features including full members support, dark mode, search and much more.

Sketch Map Generator

Sketch Map Generator is a Sketch plugin that allows you to fill a layer with a map generated from a given location using Google Maps and Mapbox. Design beautiful map interfaces in no time.


Liebling is a beautiful and clean Ghost theme that is easy and comfortable to use. It's open source, super responsive, easy to customize and stands out for its simplicity and versatility.

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If you are interested in contacting me, please do not hesitate to write me an email, I will try to answer as soon as possible.