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Ghost Theme • Web Design / Frontend Development • 2020

My First premium Ghost theme

As you can read in the title of this section, Weiss Pro is my first premium Ghost theme. After having launched an open source theme I decided to create a premium one because the free one was very well received and has been used by many people so far, also because I gained experience and now I feel confident that I can create a product that people want to pay for, to tell the truth it took me a little work to overcome the fear of failure but now I can say that it was worth it.

The main difference between Weiss Pro and my previous free theme is that this one has support for Members which is a feature that allows creators to monetize their content based on a subscription model, among other additional features. Weiss Pro has a more polished and neat design, also the source code is better organized and cleaner.

☝️ Three screens showing different ways of presenting the information of an article.

Design principles

From the beginning I was clear that I wanted Weiss Pro to have a sober and elegant look where the content was what stood out the most, to achieve this I decided to use two fonts that combined get along very well and provide exactly the look I was looking for, these fonts are Playfair Display for titles and Roboto for the rest of the text elements.

The theme has a light and a dark mode, in both cases I use colors that contrast enough so that the content can be read without problems for most people. The white space around the content is abundant so that it can breathe and be digested more easily, also the geometric figures used give it an interesting touch and are intended to attract the user's attention.

☝️ Three different screens of the theme with dark mode activated.

Target market

Weiss Pro focuses on publications that publish content with a more or less serious tone, for example educational, research, technological, cultural, travel, fashion, religious, to name a few, although it can also work well for a personal blog or a magazine-type blog.

So far I have had the opportunity to visit multiple blogs that use my theme and I have noticed that most of them are part of the groups I mentioned in the previous paragraph so I think I was not too far from reality to think that this design would attract the attention of that audience.

☝️ Design of the header of an article page.

Final thoughts

This project has taught me many things, for example, I learned that good documentation is useful for both customers and for me, also that sometimes people value even more a good support than the product itself. I also learned some things related to marketing which is useful to make a product known and make people interested in it and more likely to buy it.




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