Music mobile app concept

The beginning of a series of design concepts that I will be working on from now on.

Oct 18, 2021

The beginning of something cool

Since I recently subscribed to Figma's paid plan, I decided to start creating designs that I've had in my head for some time. The first of these concepts is that of a mobile music application. It should be noted that these are not complete designs, they are just ideas that occur to me suddenly and on which I work in my spare time, although it would be nice if someday these can be brought to reality in a real product or that can serve as inspiration to someone else ;)

☝️ Close-up of the music player interface, album tracks and artist profile design.

The concept

The goal of this design is to turn the music listening experience into something much more personal and emotional, that what you listen to is able to alter even the appearance of the application and that it subtly adapts according to what you are listening to at any given moment. Album covers and artist photos play a very important role as these are what define the look and feel of the application, even the controls would be adapted to reflect the predominant colors.

☝️ Visual representation of how the application design looks on a real device.

Small changes, big difference

In my proposal I have added some elements that although they don't stand out too much, I think they improve the experience a lot, for example, while listening to a song in a playlist you can see a small preview of the cover of the song that comes next to encourage you to keep listening. Another example can be seen in the profile of an artist where unlike other applications, you can quickly access his entire discography or even discover new albums or playlists where he appears. Also something that I personally like is to be able to know certain curious facts about the music I'm listening to, so I think showing data such as the release date of an album or how many people listen to a certain artist each month is something that adds a lot of value, other applications show that information but it is usually hidden, it would be better if it was available from the first moment.

That's a wrap!

I hope someday I can have the opportunity to work on a music app, I think it would be a very interesting and fun project! Thank you very much for reading this far, if you want to share your opinion with me or just say hello please feel free to drop me a mail, I'll be happy to hear from you 😄.

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