Showcase: Banking/fintech mobile application

Visual exploration, brand design proposal and prototype for a mobile application in the financial sector.

Jun 6, 2021

A few months ago my friend Héctor wrote me to see if I wanted to do the design of a mobile application he had in mind, naturally I accepted since the idea seemed very interesting to me.

This application would theoretically allow us to manage and control from one place all our bank accounts and credit cards associated with each account, this in order to maintain a healthy personal finances.
In addition, from the application we could also keep a detailed report of our taxes, rights and fiscal obligations, and we could even generate tax returns almost automatically, thus facilitating the process considerably.

My Role In The Project

Although I can also develop apps, this time I decided to participate only in the part related to design, basically because of time issues but especially because I was very interested in designing solutions for the problems that people face every day when managing their cards, expenses and taxes.

Specifically, my activities in the project were:

  • Brand design, including product identity and tone of voice
  • Logo design
  • Development of sketches to visually define the functionalities of the application, as well as to define aspects such as navigation and, most importantly, the information architecture
  • Design of the application's user interface as well as the design of the entire user experience.
  • Elaboration of high-fidelity prototypes

Below you can see the showcase of the design where you can appreciate some screens of the application as well as some of its main functionalities.

What's Next?

While I was working on the design of the application, my friend was working in parallel on the development side, specifically on the backend and on the development of a working prototype for a first MVP.

However, for the moment we both stopped the development of the application due to time concerns although we have not discarded the idea, which I still think is very interesting and has great potential, I hope that later we can continue working on it as the current options are not very good, time will tell what will happen with Bankbase.

Thanks for reading!

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