Starting a new position as Senior Frontend Engineer

After working almost five years in my previous job, I have decided to pursue a new challenge.

Life Update
Feb 20, 2022

It's been almost five years since I moved to Austria to join the Newsadoo team as a Frontend Developer, since then I had no intention to change jobs even though I was constantly receiving job offers from Mexico, Austria and some other parts of Europe. However, last December I finally decided to present my resignation letter and pursue a new challenge, it was a difficult but necessary decision.


Well, one of the reasons was simply the time I had been working there, after working all this time on the same product I thought it was time to work on some different project, you can say that somehow I got bored of working on the same thing all the time, in fact it's kind of funny because this time was the longest I have lasted in a company, previously I had stayed in others for periods of between one and two years, nothing to do with the almost five years I stayed in the same company this time.

Another reason is because I felt that my work did not have the impact I expected, I also felt that I should look for another place where I could grow even more professionally, where I had bigger challenges and where my work could reach more people. Also, another important reason was my desire to meet new people, new teams and new ways of working, I came to the conclusion that I needed a change, that I had to take advantage of other opportunities being here in Europe, to know and explore new horizons.

New year, new job

After thinking about it and after seeing several job offers I decided to accept the proposal as Senior Frontend Engineer from hello again, I accepted it because the idea and the product they have developed seemed very interesting to me, I think that in this company my level as a developer will increase even more, it is an excellent challenge for me.

Another reason why I accepted this offer was because the stack of technologies is very similar to the one used in my previous job, this means that I will continue working with Vue for web development and with React Native for mobile development, this is particularly good because I feel very comfortable working with those technologies. Also, thanks to the fact that this new job is located in the same city I didn't have to move somewhere else, that's an advantage since I am currently in the process of applying for permanent residency in this country.

It has been a couple of months since I made this decision and I feel very satisfied with it, we will see what happens later but for now I feel very good, I am meeting new people and I feel a renewed motivation to work on other projects, it was definitely something I needed.

Thanks for reading! 😄

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